Sunday, March 16, 2014

No-Oil Crispy Chicken Thighs

Every time we tell someone how easy it is to make these incredibly crispy, juicy, bone-in chicken thighs, they try the "recipe" and come back to us raving. The first time you make them, you'll feel like you've discovered some sort of cheat code--25 minutes of cooking time and no added cooking fat at all? By the second time, they'll have become a staple.

All it takes is one flip and no effort.

No-Oil Crispy Chicken Thighs
Adapted from Jacques P├ępin's Fast Food My Way

Cooking Time
30 minutes (5 minutes active)

2 people (2 thighs each)

Nonstick pan big enough for thighs 
Lid for the pan (aluminum foil or a plate works)
Chef's knife  
Cutting board

4 bone-in chicken thighs
4 sprigs thyme
4 garlic cloves, unpeeled and lightly crushed
Black pepper
Kosher salt or sea salt

1. Generously salt and pepper both sides of each thigh. Under each thigh, cut slits along each side of the bone to shorten the cooking time.

2. Place thighs skin-side down in the nonstick pan and surround with thyme and garlic. Cover and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. 

3. Uncover and turn up heat to medium-high. Cook for 10 more minutes. The cooking liquid will boil off, leaving only the rendered fat, which will crisp the skin. Warning: it's going to splatter like crazy.

4. Flip with spatula once so the skin is facing up and take the pan off the heat. Let rest for 2 minutes. Marvel at the crispy skin you didn't have to labor over. Eat with fingers.


  1. Love the simplicity of this recipe and am amazed that you can get the chicken thighs so perfectly crispy withouy any oil! Love this recipe and shared it on my blog in a post where I link to 10 of my favorite recipe finds around the web : ))

  2. That looks SO good!! Definitely going to try it out! :)