What We Cook With

Our favorite kitchen equipment, by virtue of its versatility, practicality, or fun factor (duh, kitchen equipment can be fun). We are not affiliated with any retailers or manufacturers, so feel free to read without skepticism. 

P.S. Since we got married, we've updated the shit out of many of these items. More to come.


Forschner honing steel (used whenever we pick up a knife)
Kuhn Rikon tournĂ© knife (used for fine off-board work like hulling strawberries)
Cheap-ass beater knife (used for hacking through bones, cutting open boxes, etc.)
Dexter Russell 10" bread knife 
Henckels 6" chef's knife (good for Katrien's smaller hands)
Kuhn Rikon 3" paring knife
Nenohi Nenox G-Type 240mm Gyutou (a remnant of Aaron's pro kitchen days)
Kuhn Rikon 4" paring knife
$10 Chinese vegetable cleaver

Hand Tools
Microplane zester

Microplane mandoline (sadly, discontinued)
Kuhn Rikon Y-shaped peelers
Le Creuset rubber spatula
Oliviers & Co. olive wood spatula
Fish turner
Spider (super-versatile Chinese strainer)
Offset spatula (peerless for delicate work like flipping dumplings or individual vegetables)


Lodge cast-iron skillets, 10.25" and 15"

IKEA 365+ 9" nonstick pan
IKEA 365+ 9" stainless steel pan with lid
Ozeri Green Earth 12" nonstick pan
Ozeri Green Earth 12" nonstick wok
Chicago Metallic sheet pans (the best)
Awesome copper skillets and nonstick grill pan of Craigslist origin

Small Appliances

Tatung rice cooker

Oster blender
Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer

Odds and Ends

Le Creuset egg cups and ramekins

Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat
Baking Steel (best thing ever)
Digital scale (absolutely essential for baking and for making the best coffee)
Hario Skerton ceramic hand grinder

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